The idea for Bodyvolt was born at the end of 2003. It should become the partner label of ELECTRO-label Kommando 6; its focus would be on WAVE-music. This plan was never executed and it was only after the end of Kommando 6, when Bodyvolt got activated. It started with a mini series of tapes and CDs in 2007. The decision for a vinyl series was made in 2015, when the downfall of vinyl took a turn for the better. Bodyvolt brings a sporadic release series with music by a small circle of linked artists and collaborations. The musical spectrum includes Electro, Wave, Acid, Experimental as well as "hybrids" of these genres and some "hard to categorize" synth music. Voltage in my body. Electrified!


BVV-01 Black Pond - Chasms - EP (Vinyl) (Digital)

BVV-02 Beta Evers - Delusion - LP (Vinyl) (Digital

coming soon: BVV-03 V.A. Electrified  (with: Black Pond, Bruta Non Calculant, Eleven Pond, Flying Bodies, Naive, Nina Belief, Radikale Analog Fraktion, Swesor Bhrater, TecRoc)


BODYVOLT  TAPE/CD mini series:

BV-00 Beta Evers - Weird Affection  (Promo Tape. 50 copies. not available)

BV-01 Manasyt & Beta Evers - Shibari (CD. 100 copies. sold out)  (Digital)

BV-02 Black Spider Clan - Totale Finsternis (CD. 100 copies.)  (Digital)


VENUS NOIR (Bodyvolt sublabel):

VENUS-1  Various Artists - Venus Noir (Vinyl, 250 copies, sold out)

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Note: Bodyvolt leaves digital sales to the artists (Bandcamp links above).

Sale and email

Vinyl Sales: Bodyvolt online store. You can also send your order via e-mail and pay via bank transfer, if you don't want to use our online store and/or Paypal.



Distributors and Retailers: 

GERMANY: Simulacron via Discogs,  Kernkrach, Formic

UNITED KINGDOM:  Periphal Minimal

BELGIUM: lynchlawlabel@gmail.com

FRANCE: Vulcanoid Mailorder 

FRANCE: balearictintin@gmail.com

If you would like to sell our releases in your store, please get in touch.

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